Why it takes exactly 97.68 seconds to install Robusta on a Kubernetes cluster

updated on 07 May 2022

By Natan YellinRobusta.dev co-founder

It's the first thing everyone notices. Our home page says it takes 97.68 seconds to install our open source. Why? How did we reach that oddly specific number?

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 10.02.37-dw6t6-uv49o

Back in the old days days, the Robusta website read "60 second install". The 60 seconds wasn't an exact number, but it seemed about right. Robusta gives developers a single pane of glass to see their Kubernetes applications, identify issues, and fix them quickly. Installation has to be fast because devs are busy people.

The story starts with a post I made on Twitter about testing Robusta on larger clusters.  Nuno Do Carmo from Rancher Labs took up the challenge:

However, Nuno did something unexpected. He used a stopwatch to time the install and uploaded the result to a YouTube video.

It turned out that installing Robusta took longer than 60 seconds. 37.68 seconds longer to be precise.

I know most people would have just ignored it. But we really like to listen to our users. I also suspected that changing the number to something different would improve conversion rates, not hurt them.

So we updated the number. It does look a little weird.. But hey, real world data is always weird!

That said, we think the real number is a little lower. If you record a video and beat the current number by more than 10% then we'll send you cool Kubernetes swag. Just message natan@robusta.dev with the evidence.


Read until here? Learn what Robusta can do for you:

  1. Improve Prometheus
  2. Track Kubernetes changes
  3. Runbook automation for Kubernetes
  4. Debug Python application on Kubernetes
  5. Troubleshoot Java applications on Kubernetes

Or just see our homepage for all the details.

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