Kubernetes Monitoring from Scratch

Faster setup. Better alerts. Happier devs.

It shouldn’t take more than an afternoon to monitor Kubernetes

Just one helm install, and you can check off Kubernetes monitoring from your todo list.

If you need help, join hundreds of others in our Slack community and ask away!

Prometheus Based Monitoring

We took the best way to monitor Kubernetes and made it better.

Powerful Observability

Using the Robusta observability engine, connect alerts with details that matter like logs and graphs. See why alerts fire.

Good Default Alerts

Start monitoring faster and monitor the right things. No more spammy alerts, no more alert fatigue.

Full Observability Platform

Slack notifications about alerts are a great way to get started. To monitor Kubernetes at scale, you'll want additional capabilities. Robusta has your back.

Full Alert History

See every alert, when it fired, and why.

Alert Grouping

If the same alert fires on a thousand pods, that's one alert many times, not one thousand unique alerts.

You can always drill down into each instance, but Robusta groups the alerts by default. Alerts must be manageable, not an overwhelming list of problems.

Install with one helm command.

Benefit immediately.

Get started