Everyone uses Kubernetes. We make it easier.

Robusta is an open source platform for multi-cluster Kubernetes monitoring, troubleshooting, and automation.

Just like Docker is infrastructure-as-code for deploying applications, Robusta is infrastructure-as-code for maintaining K8s applications and handling their alerts.

Open source. Works with your existing applications and monitoring tools.

How it works

Robusta is powered by an open source automations engine. Like Zapier/IFTTT for devops, but with prebuilt workflows.

  - on_prometheus_alert:
      alert_name: KubePodCrashLooping
  # this webhook action fetches pod logs
  - logs_enricher: {}
  - slack

Define a trigger like:
  • Prometheus / AlertManager webhooks
  • Kubernetes changes
  • When specific log lines are written
  • When you run a cli trigger
  • Any other event

Define an action:
  • Run a bash command
  • 50+ builtin actions
  • Write your own with Python

Use Cases

One click fixes

You can add "fix-it" buttons to your alert messages in Slack. 

Many remediation actions are built-in and you can easily add your own.

Alert on hpa reached limit12

Easier troubleshooting

Attach pod logs to your existing alerts.

Monitor discrete Kubernetes events like crashing pods and send them to Slack*

*or MSTeams and many other destinations

Imageonline co roundcorner (2) (2)

Correlate alerts and changes

Enrich your alerts with data on what changed right before an alert fired.

Imageonline co roundcorner (5)

Alert Insights

Don't waste time on false alarms. 

Robusta adds missing information to common Prometheus alerts and flags possible false alarms.

Imageonline co roundcorner (4)

Alert history

Our optional SaaS platform lets you see all your alerts and Kubernetes changes on a single timeline.

It's a better frontend for your existing data.


Quicker debugging

Robusta has builtin automations to make Kubernetes debugging easy. 

You're sixty seconds away from:

  • Debugging Python pods in your IDE
  • Safely running CPU profilers in production
  • Solving painful leaks with a memory profiler

Frictionless deployment

No changes to your application. No complex configuration.

Run a Helm install and Robusta will integrate with your existing tools.

Supports Prometheus, Alert Manager, Grafana, Datadog, Elasticsearch, and more.

grafana graph with deployments labeled

Hand-picked default alerts

This part is optional, but we maintain a Prometheus stack with sane default alerts you'll actually look at.

Our default alerts were designed to not require fine-tuning and they arrive with extra context like logs or advice.

It's an opinionated distribution of kube-prometheus-stack.

sane prometheus alerts


What are you waiting for?

Still have questions? Talk to us on Slack (link is desktop only). It helps us improve the docs for everyone.

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