Improve Existing Prometheus Alerts

Increase the signal to noise ratio of your alerts. Send your existing alerts from Prometheus to Robusta. Gain powerful grouping, noise reduction, and insights.

Keep using Prometheus, add alert history and observability

Prometheus is great. With Robusta it's better. See exactly what alerts fired and when.

Link alerts to logs and graphs. Robusta connects alerts to what happened in your cluster.

Works with all Prometheus setups. Supports single and multi-cluster.

Monitoring combined with observability

A unified platform for seeing your alerts and investigating them.

See around your alerts

Alerts don't fire in a vacuum. See what happened in your cluster before and after an alert fired.

Kubernetes investigation platform

See an alert. Pivot to the deployment it fired on. See crashing pods. View app logs. Fix the problem. All in one platform.

Alert grouping without manual work

If you use Kubernetes, your existing Prometheus alerts have enough metadata to be grouped. You just need a platform that speaks Kubernetes and Prometheus.

Group alerts by Kubernetes resource

Automatically group alerts by the Deployment, DaemonSet, or the Job they fired on. Or group by name and priority.

Built-in dashboards and visualizations

Make sense of noisy alerting storms faster. No configuration necessary.

Alerts that 🔥

Less noise, more meaning

Good alert notifications contain enough details to triage alerts immediately.

Robusta links alerts to Kubernetes resources. It pulls in logs and graphs. Directly into the notification itself.

One-click remediations

Respond to alerts by clicking a button. Apply fixes or silence noisy alerts. Do it from Slack or any other integration.

Install with one helm command.

Benefit immediately.

Get started