Multi-cluster observability

An all-in-one observability platform for Kubernetes. Start with a unified dashboard of alerts across your clusters. View unhealthy Kubernetes resources. Drill down to logs and graphs.

See health at a glance

Robusta maps your cluster topology and builds a list of running applications. It identifies health issues for each one and surfaces the details.

All your clusters can be viewed in one place, or you can select a specific cluster and view only that.

Drill down into details

When Kubernetes workloads become unhealthy, see all the reasons why in one screen.

View running pods, CPU usage, memory usage, and other key information about workloads.

Robusta records all Kubernetes changes that occur in your cluster. See exactly what YAML changed and if it caused a problem.

View pod logs

To really understand an issue, you often need detailed logs and events about individual pods. Instead of running kubectl commands in production or jumping between windows, you can view everything in Robusta.

Robusta fetches logs on-demand, displays graphs, and tracks the status of your pods.

Kubernetes Native

Robusta combines a Kubernetes UI with an alerting and observability platform. The result is a platform that actually reflects the way you deploy software.

Alerts are automatically mapped to the right Kubernetes resource. Filter alerts by namespace or cluster.

No need to define grouping rules or correlations. Robusta understands your cluster's topology and does the right thing for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Robusta Open Source?

The Robusta automations engine is open source and installed on your own cloud. It can be used standalone and without any proprietary components.

The cloud platform contains everything in the open source plus the web-based observability platform. You can use it via our SaaS plans or a self-hosting plan.

How do I use the SaaS platform?

Follow the installation guide in our docs to install the Robusta open source. When asked, opt-in to the the Robusta UI.

Can I use Robusta with the Prometheus Operator?

Yes! You can send alerts from your existing Prometheus/AlertManager to Robusta by webhook.

Or you can install Robusta's all in one monitoring solution, based on Prometheus. Everything will be configured out of the box.

Does Robusta support OpenShift?

Yes. See installation instructions in the docs.

Can I self-host the Robusta UI?

Yes.Most orgnizations choose the simpler cloud UI option, but it can be self hosted as well.

For more information, see the docs.

Discrepancies? Detected.

“At Deranged we manage kubernetes clusters for multiple clients. With Robusta, it's far easier to compare deployments across our clusters, so we can notice discrepancies in deployed versions.”

Asbjørn Dyhrberg Thegler, DevOps Consultant, Deranged