Multi-Cluster Operations

Observability. The Kubernetes way.

Spot every Kubernetes issue. In 2.6 seconds.

See availability issues. See firing alerts. See warning events.

Sharing a cluster with others? Save a filtered view and focus on what's relevant to your team.

View logs from any pod. In three clicks.

Click on an application. Click on a pod. Click for logs.

Your developers will want to run on Kubernetes, just to troubleshoot with Robusta.

The missing dashboard for Kubernetes Jobs.

Debug any failed Kubernete Job. Even if it's long gone from your cluster.

When Jobs fail, Robusta saves the details you need for future investigation.

Logs. Graphs. Events. It's all in Robusta.

Cloud? Edge? On-premise? View all your infrastructure in one place.

Wherever it runs, Robusta can monitor it.

Consolidate all your clusters into a single pane of glass.

Unlike most observability platforms, Robusta gets Kubernetes. It won't set off false alarms when your cluster does normal things, like scaling up and scaling down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Robusta Open Source?

The Robusta automations engine is open source and installed on your own cloud. It can be used standalone and without any proprietary components.

The cloud platform contains everything in the open source plus the web-based observability platform. You can use it via our SaaS plans or a self-hosting plan.

How do I use the SaaS platform?

Follow the installation guide in our docs to install the Robusta open source. When asked, opt-in to the the Robusta UI.

Can I use Robusta with the Prometheus Operator?

Yes! You can send alerts from your existing Prometheus/AlertManager to Robusta by webhook.

Or you can install Robusta's all in one monitoring solution, based on Prometheus. Everything will be configured out of the box.

Does Robusta support OpenShift?

Yes. See installation instructions in the docs.

Can I self-host the Robusta UI?

Yes.Most orgnizations choose the simpler cloud UI option, but it can be self hosted as well.

For more information, see the docs.

Multiple clusters? One view.

“One of the most satisfying features of Robusta is consolidating monitoring data from dozens of clusters across multiple regions into a unified interface.”

Silviu Iaşcu, Director Infra Operations & Cloud, Jedox