Auto Alerts

You've never seen alerts like this before. Robusta alerts are based on Prometheus, but with auto-enrichment. It's like having a dashboard for every alert.

Spot crashing pods. See why they crashed.

Builtin detection.

Where do you look when a pod crashes? With Robusta, you look at the alert itself. All the troubleshooting data you need is already there.

Investigate immediately, without digging for extra context, or waiting.

Discover memory issues you were never aware of.

Builtin detection.

Robusta tracks issues that other observability tools often miss.

If pods get OutOfMemory Killed (OOMKilled) then Robusta lets you know. Before your customers complain.

Robusta shows you the data you need to investigate. Right inside the alert.

Get notified about problems with your nodes. Fix them preemptively.

Builtin detection.

If your nodes run out of disk space, that's easy to fix - if you catch it early enough.

Robusta monitors your nodes for issues that need your attention.

As always, Robusta doesn't just tell you something is wrong, it shows you why.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Robusta Open Source?

The Robusta automations engine is open source and installed on your own cloud. It can be used standalone and without any proprietary components.

The cloud platform contains everything in the open source plus the web-based observability platform. You can use it via our SaaS plans or a self-hosting plan.

How do I use the SaaS platform?

Follow the installation guide in our docs to install the Robusta open source. When asked, opt-in to the the Robusta UI.

Can I use Robusta with the Prometheus Operator?

Yes! You can send alerts from your existing Prometheus/AlertManager to Robusta by webhook.

Or you can install Robusta's all in one monitoring solution, based on Prometheus. Everything will be configured out of the box.

Does Robusta support OpenShift?

Yes. See installation instructions in the docs.

Can I self-host the Robusta UI?

Yes.Most orgnizations choose the simpler cloud UI option, but it can be self hosted as well.

For more information, see the docs.

Noisy alerts? Fixed.

“We're using Robusta to standardize k8s alerting. Previously, we were using kube-prometheus-stack but the default alerts were too noisy and it was harder to configure”.

James Wu, DevOps Engineer, Space Telescope Science Institute