Cost Saver

Increase utilization with actionable advice.

Identify wasted nodes. See why.

Are the nodes you're paying for actually in use?

See your overall utilization. Spot ineffeciencies. Check if the cpu-memory ratio is aligned between nodes and applications.

Click on a poorly utilized node. See what's running there.

Tell devs when they wrong-size apps.

Do applications request resources but not use them?

It's more common than you think. Benchmarks show that Kubernetes applications are wrong-sized by 69% on average.

Spot over-provisioned applications immediately. Right-size them with historical data.

Without Robusta, guessing is required. With Robusta, the data decides.

Unlock the power of your observability data.

If you already use Prometheus, you're sitting on a treasure trove of data. You have the means to dramatically reduce your cloud costs. Do it immediately with actionable advice.

If you don't use Prometheus yet, just install Robusta's all in one package and get insights today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Robusta Open Source?

The Robusta automations engine is open source and installed on your own cloud. It can be used standalone and without any proprietary components.

The cloud platform contains everything in the open source plus the web-based observability platform. You can use it via our SaaS plans or a self-hosting plan.

How do I use the SaaS platform?

Follow the installation guide in our docs to install the Robusta open source. When asked, opt-in to the the Robusta UI.

Can I use Robusta with the Prometheus Operator?

Yes! You can send alerts from your existing Prometheus/AlertManager to Robusta by webhook.

Or you can install Robusta's all in one monitoring solution, based on Prometheus. Everything will be configured out of the box.

Does Robusta support OpenShift?

Yes. See installation instructions in the docs.

Can I self-host the Robusta UI?

Yes.Most orgnizations choose the simpler cloud UI option, but it can be self hosted as well.

For more information, see the docs.

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