Remediate Alerts with Runbook Automation

Automate your runbooks with knowledge-as-code. Fix issues faster. Automate the tedious stuff. Ask a human for approval if necessary.

Say goodbye to siloed knowledge

No more outdated runbook wikis. Turn best practices into automated code that you can commit to git.

Remediate faster, with more confidence

Define alert-handling procedures in advance. Let Robusta handle the known issues. Wake up at night only for problems that require a human.

Fix with a click

Use human-in-the-loop automations when you want explicit confirmation to fix something. Good for issues you want to look at before solving.

Fix while you sleep

Use 100% automated fixes for known problems that don't require manual intervention. Good for known problems with known workarounds.

Alert response that keeps up with Kubernetes speed

Don’t autoscale your alerts

Many pods means many alerts. Use automation to stay in control.

Gather evidence while away from keyboard

Kubernetes is fast-moving. Don't miss the chance to debug something just because you weren't online when it happened. Define what evidence should be gathered and let an automated runbook fetch it at the right time.

No more ad-hoc fixes

Define approved remediations

Instead of granting access to production, grant access to Robusta. Let users run pre-approved fixes and nothing else.

Make the fastest fix, the best fix

Define best practices for handling and fixing alerts. Encourage users to respond according to plan and not with ad-hoc fixes. Using automation, make the best fix the fastest one too.

Install with one helm command.

Benefit immediately.

Get started