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We are Robusta, a company solving hard-problems in the devops world. Some say what we're out to do is impossible. We think differently. We live and breathe open source, Prometheus, and Kubernetes.

More importantly, we're nice people and like to work with other nice people. We go to work because it excites us. We also take time off, as there is more to life than technology. We offer paid parental leave for all genders. We are creative, hard-working, and kind people.

Our values

Values aren't just words on a webpage. They're how we make decisions on a day to day basis.

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Open Source

We believe in open source and the opportunities created by worldwide collaboration via code.

Solid Foundations

We are fast growing, but we are not reckless.

We invest in software architecture and security. We build software the right way, while also delivering fast.


We are the crazy ones. We understand the need to differentiate yourself a crowded market.

We respect cultural norms and strictly adhere to our values. But within that framework, we break expectations with extreme creativity.

Build for the end user

We build software for the people who use it. We do not build shelfware. Our software must make the user's life better.

Hybrid Work

We believe in flexibility.

We have an in-person office for those who want it, but most of our team is 100% remote.


We only hire the best. We hire people who want to make an impact and we give them the opportunity to do so.

We expect them to understand our mission and take ownership over their work.

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We are building a team of unconventional thinkers all over the world. Are you one of them?

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