Developer Self Service

Give developers a single platform to monitor and troubleshoot Kubernetes applications. Grant secure access to Robusta, not to the cluster itself.

Don’t make the ops team a bottleneck for developers

Let developers troubleshoot problems themselves. Join the many platform teams that use Robusta to enable developer self-service.

Simply setup Robusta, onboard developers, and let devs solve their own problems without involving ops.

A single pane of glass for Kubernetes apps

We've combined monitoring, observability, and a Kubernetes UI into one platform. Just open Robusta and select your app. All the data you need is right there.

App-centric, infra-aware

Robusta takes an application-centric point of view. See applications in all the clusters they live on. When necessary, look at the infrastructure level too.

Logs, graphs, and more

Robusta connects logs, graphs, and Kubernetes objects into a unified datamodel. Quickly jump from application to logs to graphs. See relevant data without manually correlating separate datasources.

Troubleshoot Kubernetes apps without the security headache

Secure Kubernetes UI

Grant and remove access as you wish. Give access to Robusta, not the cluster itself.

Pre-approved actions

Decide which Kubernetes operations you'd like to expose. Trigger those operations safely via the Robusta UI.

This is a beta feature: contact the Robusta team for access.

You can customize it, but you probably wont need to

Pre-defined dashboards

Don't waste time defining dashboards. Our default views were built for your team's needs.

Multi-tenant aware

Some companies have one cluster per team, other companies have one namespace per team. Some companies use Helm charts, others plain YAML.

We've seen it all and built Robusta accordingly. However, your teams work, Robusta will work for you.

Install with one helm command.

Benefit immediately.

Get started