Builtin Alerts

We took the most popular way to monitor Kubernetes and made it better. Robusta's alerts are based on Prometheus, with added observability powers. Below are three example alerts out of many.

Crashing pods

Pre-defined alert

Need better visibility into crashing pods and CrashLoopBackoffs?

Robusta monitors these out of the box. Get push notifications in the integration of your choosing.

Every notification includes the details you need, like application logs from a crashing pod.


Pre-defined alert

OutOfMemory Kills happen when a node is low on memory. The Linux kernel starts terminating processes to regain memory. There is no warning and no chance of prevention.

Robusta monitors OOMKills out of the box. If customers are impacted due to suddenly-terminated pods, you'll know it.

File system disk space

Pre-defined alert

Nodes running out of disk space is an easily fixed problem - if you catch it early enough.

This, and other node issues, are monitored by Robusta out of the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Robusta Open Source?

The Robusta automations engine is open source and installed on your own cloud. It can be used standalone and without any proprietary components.

The cloud platform contains everything in the open source plus the web-based observability platform. You can use it via our SaaS plans or a self-hosting plan.

How do I use the SaaS platform?

Follow the installation guide in our docs to install the Robusta open source. When asked, opt-in to the the Robusta UI.

Can I use Robusta with the Prometheus Operator?

Yes! You can send alerts from your existing Prometheus/AlertManager to Robusta by webhook.

Or you can install Robusta's all in one monitoring solution, based on Prometheus. Everything will be configured out of the box.

Does Robusta support OpenShift?

Yes. See installation instructions in the docs.

Can I self-host the Robusta UI?

Yes.Most orgnizations choose the simpler cloud UI option, but it can be self hosted as well.

For more information, see the docs.