Kubernetes is a cloud operating system

updated on 09 May 2022

By Natan YellinRobusta.dev co-founder

My last blog post has been the most controversial so far. Putting aside the widely misunderstood POSIX comparison, the key point is this:

Kubernetes is a cloud operating system.

Obviously Kubernetes doesn't replace the actual OS (i.e. linux) but it provides OS like services at the cloud level. For example:

  1. Resource allocation 
  2. Scheduling
  3. Security
  4. Persistency
  5. Multitasking
  6. Networking
  7. Terminal services

A diagram:

kubernetes datacenter os-eutm4

The obvious part that's missing in Kubernetes is the usermode components. Kubernetes is the kernel of a cloud operating system, but what does usermode for that look like?

As for the question of whether Kubernetes is POSIX or UNIX... Lets leave that for another time.

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