We are Robusta, a company solving hard-problems in the devops world. Some say what we're out to do is impossible. We think differently. We live and breathe open source, automation, and Kubernetes. 

More importantly, we're nice people and like to work with other nice people. We go to work because it excites us. We also take time off, as there is more to life than technology. We offer paid parental leave for all genders. Family and friendship matter most.

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    Natan Yellin

    Natan was a hands-on engineer for many years. He still writes code when he has time. He has been involved in open source for over 15 years. He regularly gives talks and blogs about Kubernetes.

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    Arik Alon

    Arik has been building enterprise software for 20 years. He is also a dog person, loves surfing, and is an intermediate chess player. Lastly, he is an untapped soccer talent! 

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    Ma'ayan Israeli
    Office Manager

    In her spare time, Maayan is a pastry cook. She loves to travel in Israel and around the world. She raises a dog named Chiya and a husband named Matan. Her favorite foods are chocolates and sweets. 

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    Tomer Keshet
    Product manager

    Tomer loves breaking down complex problems and figuring out the right thing to do. He likes working-out and swimming.

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    Avi Kotlicky
    Software Engineer

    Avi knows how to ride a bike and loves to cook without burning stuff. He loves programming and creates computer games in his spare time. 

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    Roi Glinik
    Software Engineer

    Roi Likes code and the creativity it requires. He also likes trying new technologies. He is passionate about 3D graphics and finding excuses to print things with his 3D printer. Roi also likes to workout. His favorite food is a good Hamburger. 

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    Shahal Meril
    Software Engineer

    Shahal enjoys bug-less code and loves finding ways to save time. Shahal also likes bouldering, biking, and slacklining. He also likes hanging out with his cute dog, Taz. 

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    Yury Rudey
    Frontend developer

    Yury lives in Ukraine with Dora, his Labrador dog. He graduated from college with a software engineering degree. Yury has a lot of interesting pet projects because he likes to learn new things. His hobbies are going to the gym and fishing. 

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    Pavan Gudiwada
    Dev Advocate

    Pavan loves Open Source and the community. His superpower is simplifying complex things He enjoys making art with computers and walking on a beach all night.  

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    Keren Cohen
    Product Designer

    Keren loves to play with new ideas. She believes design is a powerful tool for changing the world for the best. In her spare time, she likes to make embroidery patterns and work in the garden.

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    Anastasiia Dudarenko
    Backend developer

    Anastasiia is a challenge taker when it comes to development. Her adventurous character makes her move around the world, and yoga practices help her stay emotionally balanced.