No more alert fatigue

The first alerting dashboard built just for Kubernetes. See why alerts happened and how to fix them.

Compatible with your existing AlertManager, Prometheus, and more.

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Correlate Alerts and Application Updates

See all your existing alerts and all your Kubernetes changes on one timeline.

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Builtin Alert Insights

We built a database of common alerts and what extra data to gather automatically for each one.

AlertManager sends Robusta alerts via webhook. You received alerts + added context in Slack and the UI.

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Noise Reduction

We automatically group your alerts by type and/or microservice.

Cut through the noise immediately without needing to define anything.

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No more blind spots

Robusta watches the APIServer for changes so nothing slips by. See every diff, both planned and manual.

Your planned changes are in git, but your production changes are in Robusta.

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Installing the web UI

Three steps and you're done. For help, we're on Slack (link is desktop only)

Just want insights and automations without a UI?