Instantly debug or profile any Python pod on Kubernetes

Open source. Runs in-cluster.

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Just copy and paste

OK, you need to install first. But it takes about 60 seconds.

robusta playbooks trigger python_debugger name=podname namespace=default

Python Debugger

Attaches the VSCode debugger to a python pod
robusta playbooks trigger python_profiler name=podname namespace=default seconds=5

Python CPU Profiler

Runs py-spy on a python pod. Find out which functions are using the most CPU.
robusta playbooks trigger python_memory name=podname namespace=default process_substring=main

Python Memory Profiler

Find memory leaks in your Python application on Kubernetes. Uses tracemalloc to create a report.

How it works

  1. Robusta starts a new pod on the same node in the hostPID namespace
  2. It finds the correct process to debug/profile
  3. It runs a diagnostics tool for you on that process

This is all automated using Robusta.


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