Java troubleshooting toolkit for Kubernetes

Open source. Runs in-cluster.

Powered by the troubleshooting platform for Kubernetes

Troubleshoot any Java application on Kubernetes

Running Java applications on Kubernetes and need to debug them? Robusta to the rescue..

Choose any pod running a Java application and troubleshoot it immediately.

Robusta will attach troubleshooting tools to the pod without restarting it or installing anything in the pod itself.

Java process inspector1

Java stack dumps, heap memory analysis and more

Kubernetes Java profiling is easy with the right tools. Robusta takes popular JDK troubleshooting tools and adapts them for Kubernetes.

Use Robusta's builtin jmap to fetch Java heap dumps on Kubernetes and find those Java memory leaks!

Use jstack to fetch stack dumps from any Java application running on Kubernetes.

Pod jmap pid1